20 original ideas for the kids playroom

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No matter whether the kids playroom is a separate room or an area part of the kids bedroom, it is always messy, full of tons of toys and parts of them. So, it is a real challenge for every mother to put it in order and clean it. Therefor, today we share with you some amazing ideas how to organise the playroom and make it a wonderful, mess-free place.


There are plenty ways to do that. Let’s start with the walls. We often underestimate them, but using them will save us a lot of space. Drawers can be put on the walls. Do not limit yourself only to the ordinary furniture. A pegboard or a shoe organiser can be quite an original way to store children’s stuff. The boring chalk board can be transformed into rather interesting one. Label it and attach hanging cups for the pencils next to it. A plant hanger is an original way to store stuffed toys. Be creative and think of other ways to use the walls. This way you will keep the floor clean.


Now, the drawers. Children more than everybody else appreciate fun and extraordinary stuff. So, they will definitely like our cool ideas for drawers and containers. You will be surprised how many things can be used for storage purposes. Things that we usually use in the kitchen, bedroom,office or the garage can fit perfectly into the children’s playroom. Milk crates, transparent boxes, mesh drawers, vintage suitcase…Anything that can be used as a box…The transparent containers allow visibility of the stuff inside. Our advice is to invite your kid to take part in the organising of the room. Sort stuff by color, by type of activity-  reading, drawing, toys..

Finally, we cannot go without the common furniture. But when buying it search for smart storage solutions. You can find a variety of tables, benches and other furniture with double duty, which have storage space in them.


So, have a look at the ideas below and get inspired!

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