A pool house with a wine cellar in Nashville

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Nashville, Tennessee is the location of a unique pool house, which is even more than that; it is a residence. It’s an experimental home decorated with innovative and fresh ideas in mind.
The various textures and colours inside the house impress each and every visitor to the place. What is most enticing about this pool home is that is has a character – the floors are covered with wood; there are murals on the walls and the furniture in this residence is of most impressive design and combination.
This unexpected décor features Gothic elements as a focal point in every room; actually the pool house is rather inspired by the main one. There is even a fireplace that adds warmth to this pool space. All the sculptures, rugs and various accessories are in perfect unison with the main function of the delightful pool house.
The overall contemporary outlook is emphasized by artworks and one unusual spot – the wine cellar, whose appearance is rather futuristic but practical at the same time keeping up to 2,000 bottles of fine wine.

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