A stunning house built in Thailand in less than 6 weeks

| October 23, 2013 | 0 Comments

Among the dense vegetation of Thailand there stands a house, which has come out of a hairy tale. This mysterious-looking house is in the shape of a dome and is 500 square foot in size. It was built of only natural materials from the surrounding environment in about 6 weeks time. The architect’s main goal was to create a structure that stands out from the crowd but that is unusually cozy and welcoming at the same time.

Though this amazing-design house is powered by conventional sources it is lit and cooled by cuts in the roof during the daytime. Moreover, the house was designed like a dome so that to be easily integrated into the exotic surroundings and to look pretty natural in the heart of the jungle – it is painted in terracotta colour. There is a bedroom in the house, of course, which contains a grass roof just like the bathroom attached to it that is full of plants and a bamboo faucet.

The vicinity of the house is full of small ponds, which add to the fairy-tale look of the property. What a dream house, indeed!

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