Décor ideas for outdoor dining

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The summer months are perfect for organizing picnics or just taking your table out and having a pleasant dinner outside in the cool evening air. So dust off your picnic basket and let the season of festive outdoor eating begin! Here are some ideas on how to enhance your outdoor dining experience so that to turn it into a real holiday.

Above all, you should decorate the airspace in your front porch or backyard; even if you decide to have a picnic in the forest or the beach it’s best if you turn the surrounding environment into a festive place. You can choose some nice outdoor chandelier with candles or even some torches for the ultimate experience at the beach. If the tables are wooden and old it’s even better because the atmosphere would be rather sophisticated but not posh. Imagine that the candle light from the chandelier falls down on that massively beautiful wooden furniture; how delightful, indeed!

The next step is to get some nice textiles like blankets or cover sheets that will feel so soft and comfortable. Add some pillows if you wish; in case you have improvised an unexpected outdoor picnic then a jacket or long-sleeved shirt will do. After all the company of the people you are hanging out with and having a nice sweet talk around the fire or in a sun-lit meadow is much more essential.

Furthermore, it would be really thrilling if you pick a definite colour theme; you can match the colour of the napkins, blankets and pillows with the table cloth, for instance. In this way the atmosphere would be much more inviting for people to have fun and relax.

If you want to emphasize on the word ‘party’ then do think of adding a lot of colour to your garden celebration or your picnic experience. Pick colourful forks and knives, table cloths and cushions; you can even think of combining colour into food by preparing colourful salads, sandwiches and refreshing cocktails.

Last but not least, there are times when you just need to follow nature and its basic colours and shades. So if you stay in your garden pick some natural colours like brown or green for all the garden furniture and accessories. If on a picnic you should bring only a blanket or two in neutral colour, some plates and forks; the food should be organic and close to nature, without any fast foods or take-aways.

Whatever option you choose, try to enjoy yourself to the fullest even by only eating in the open air. Your body and soul would be truly thankful.

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