Eastern design ideas- Sherazade lamps

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Have a look at this amazing lamps inspired of the silhouettes of Middle East rooftops. The newest Siba Sahabi’s lamp collection is called Sherazade, the popular character from The Arabian Nights. The storyteller had an enormous influence on the Western style and culture. The collection includes three lamps. Each of them is made of coiled colored felt strips which are painted on both sides. The paint is metallic and helps reflecting of light. Check out the photos below! You would see that these Eastern lamps are a great addition to any modern interior!


sherazade-lamps-for-a-charming-eastern-touch-3-554x368 sherazade-lamps-for-a-charming-eastern-touch-4-554x464 sherazade-lamps-for-a-charming-eastern-touch-5-554x464 sherazade-lamps-for-a-charming-eastern-touch-1-554x464 sherazade-lamps-for-a-charming-eastern-touch-2-554x554
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