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Interior design apartment that we present is created by designers studio In Design for very young family without children. The only requirement of the owners is their new home to be as comfortable to live in, and to fit within the limited budget you can allocate for its interior design.

Original architectural layout does not imply demand maximum functionality, thus imposing some structural changes. Provided for terrace loggia space associate to the living area, kitchen designation was changed to the bedroom, which is transformed into a child’s room, but how does all this tell the designers themselves:

Living Room Design

In the living room we went in a simple clean interior – nothing superfluous and without clutter, only the most necessary.

The interior design apartment has one bedroom, which in future will be a nursery and a customer wanted to find a place for a bed in the living room.

It had to involve the terrace to have the necessary space for the purpose. On-site kitchen provided in the architectural scheme, a bed, and the kitchen itself, “moved out” of the former terrace.

To achieve this transformation, we have to make furring to spend water to the new location of the kitchen. Also removed the door from the hall to the living room so we got a little extra space.

The room has no windows other than the kitchen, so we took the sleeping area by a wall of glass bricks, to allow more light in the new bedroom.

Use light colors like white and beige. Visual areas not devoted to not “cut” optical space.

In order to keep only source of natural light, all units have deployed on the bottom line of the kitchen. Even the fridge solution is a small refrigerator and small freezer.

Light wood furniture brings a mellow tone to the overall look of the space. Milky white color is present in all parts of the room.

So, let me know what you think about this ideas? Thank you for reading Interior design apartment

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