Halloween ideas- 15 scary front door wreath designs

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Halloween is coming and it is time to prepare our houses for that fun celebration. Most of the people decorate their homes for every event and holiday, but often forget for the front door. However, you should have in mind that your house or flat starts with the front door and this is the first thing your guests see.

That’s why we have prepared 15 cool ideas for Halloween wreaths that will frighten and amaze at the same time. Stores are full of Halloween decoration ready to be used, but the holiday will be even more fun if you gather with your family and do it together. What is more, your visitors will be very surprised when they find that you made yourself the Halloween wreath.


The ideas we gathered may seem difficult at first and as if made by a pro, but do not worry. If you spend enough time and use your imagination, the result will be amazing! But before starting with the Halloween decoration, you should prepare yourself and find suitable materials. Almost anything can be used for the wreaths. Have a look around your home and search for it- old cloths, pieces of cartoon, pumpkins, leaves and branches, threads, wires, glittering beads. Make spiders, witches, skeletons from these materials and attach them to the wreath. Even if you have to buy some stuff for the wreath it will be at almost no cost at all.

So, have a look at the wreath models below. You can make one of them or just use them as an inspiration for your unique Halloween wreath. No matter what design you choose, scary, cute, elegant or dramatic, we are sure that the final result will be great! Good luck!



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