How to convert a window into a door?

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Doors provide more space to a home and in case you have a suitable window, which is on the ground floor and leads to the front or backyard, it is probably wise to convert it into a passage way and turn the little space of your corridor into a much wider one.

First and foremost, you should take measurements, evaluate the thickness of the walls and draw precise lines so that to know where to cut and not to cause any exorbitant harm to the nearby areas.

Remove any vinyl siding, wood or other isolation material beforehand. Once you have done that check for electrical wiring, hidden plugs, studs or any other obstacles. Uproot the whole window packaging together with the glass and frame. When the door opening is cut properly, you should fabricate a door casing. Then slide the door set-up into place and nail properly.

Last but not least, adjust the trim and step tread, sand and paint in the colour you have chosen.

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