How to Deal with Seepages

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One of the best solutions is, without a doubt, waterproof paint. If you have experienced seepages before, then you certainly know how ugly of a picture it could be – peeling walls, wet spots, lots of damp and looking moldy – could be really disturbing. But as with everything else, even in this case there are different options to cope with the issue.

Very frequently, wall uglyness is caused by water seepages and the reasons are various: not waterproved wall, cracks, or it is a wall exposed to water most of the time, such for example is the wall behind the shower in the bathroom.

If the case is not too severe, the best way to deal with it is the use of a coat of waterproof wall paint. This way, the wall will not only be repaired but also will be protected in the future. However, in more severe cases, this will not be enough. That is why, a good advice is to make another coat of a mixture of mortar and weldgrout, and in addition using some waterproof additives. It is important to remember that before pastering this new coat, it is essential to remove the old layer until we see the concrete or the bricks.

After everything is done, the layers should be waited for to get to a very well-dried condition and then if you want, you can use a coat of paint, or even better, waterproof paint. Wall’s seepages, caused by water, is a very frequent problem at many homes, so it is not something one should worry too much about, it is easily repaired, so just read and act on it.

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