How To Decorate A Small Bathroom

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The common bathroom is one of the smaller rooms of a house, but in some cases it is a very small space. For this type of bathroom needs to pay careful attention to certain detail in the decor, which allow to make this a comfortable and harmonious. Home to achieve a style that airy feel to the space, we appeal to certain resources, and creativity.

An option to give privacy to the different areas of the bathroom is to divide the shower and toilet sink area. This can be achieved availing of a partition, a curtain or partition at half height.

In case of the partitions may be made ​​of bricks, or even gypsum board, which in turn support any paint color that matches the rest of bathroom decor. In the case of the curtains also come in different materials and patterns, but as a hygienic measure, there will be renewed every three months or so, we will avoid the proliferation of fungi.

decorate a small bathroom

decorate a small bathroom

In optimizing the distribution of space in the bathroom, and in its setting, the accessories play an equally important role. For example, it is not advisable to place objects on top of the toilet, but you can get a good effect by using clear glass shelves on top, and placing there a plant, flowers or a decorative light.

Another option is to place a shelf, a shelf or a cabinet under one of the corners or under the sink, using these spaces to store personal items. The corner units are an alternative to tap the corners of the walls, drawers for the lower basin, and also be placed one or more shelves between the sink and mirror.

The use of light colors is not over apply to furniture that are in the bathroom, as light colors reflect light, while dark colors capture it.

Having natural lighting is a great advantage in these cases, so it is a skylight, a small window or some glass bricks or cobblestones. To provide natural light bath allow this environment does not look so small, and good lighting in the bathroom get amplitude give greater effect.

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