How to Decorate Small Kitchen

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How to decorate small kitchen – Although we do not have the huge, spectacular kitchen that we’d have at home, nowadays this is no cause for concern as a small kitchen space can also become comfortable, cozy, and equipped with all kinds of details. The small kitchen decoration is something that you must face forward and thinking well at every chance to enjoy a charming kitchen. In this article we give you some ideas on how to decorate a small kitchen.

Instructions to decorate small kitchen

  • The distribution of furniture in a small kitchen should be well designed so that the furniture will open easily and not to hinder our passage.
  • Place a tall cabinet to store kitchen utensils and combine with other furniture at low altitudes to prevent too many space.
  • It is important to maintain order in small kitchens and try to leave some free wall for greater breadth of space.
  • If you do not have enough space to store kitchen tools, use hangers on the wall for those tools you use every day.
  • The folding tables are ideal to have a larger work area where you can cook besides eat and perform various activities.
  • It’s best to anchor the table to the wall to dispose of it when you need it and free up space.
  • Light shades of any color are most appropriate for the walls and furniture small kitchen, although white is definitely the star color for space and light.
  • On the walls you can use paint, tile or their combination which will give a very modern look to your kitchen.
  • If you want to maximize your kitchen space, sliding doors positioned for your stay in the kitchen more comfortable and you can easily move around the space.
  • Furthermore, with glass sliding doors are ideal for letting in light and achieve greater spaciousness .
  • Good lighting is a key factor for decorating small kitchens.
  • If your kitchen has exterior windows, it is important not to cover them with furniture and use of natural light during the day.
  • Place in clear and powerful ceiling lights to create different lighting environments and those areas you use most in the kitchen as the area of ​​preparation and cooking of food.
  • You can extend this information in our article How to light a kitchen.
  • The stainless steel appliances including a fridge, microwave, dishwasher, etc..
  • are perfect for small kitchens because they act as a mirror and help expand the space.
  • Includes reduced size appliances and necessities to not overburden the kitchen.

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