How to Light Up our Bathroom

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Bathroom lighting is not only one of the most important details in a house but it can also be used as a tool to make a home beautiful. Keeping this in mind, the lighting in the bathroom, which is one of the most used spaces in the house, is an aspect to be carefully considered. If we choose the right one, the bathroom can be ‘the shrine’ of our body and mind, where time could be spent pampering oneself.

Beautiful Bathroom Lighting by 186 Lighting

Beautiful Bathroom Lighting by 186 Lighting

Not only that one needs a beautiful type of lamp or chandelier for lighting up the bathroom, one could also use smaller lights put in different places to create a nice, relaxing atmosphere. Women could definitely benefit from lights installed in the bathroom mirror, since this is a great way to make this spot almost as good as a beauty saloon. And one advice is to use the incandescent type of lighting especially for the bathroom.

The interesting thing about bathroom lighting is that by being creative,

Bathroom Lighting by Deborah Derocher

Bathroom Lighting by Deborah Derocher

one could use it not simply for lighting up a dark room but can be used as a kind of decoration as well. What is meant is that with the right type of lighting put in the right place, one could highlight the best features of the bathroom and even hidden the one that doesn not like. For example, one could hide a light in the magazine rack or even make a spot with flowers illuminated by warm and gentle light.

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