How to Maintain Your Home Dust-Free

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Normally, when we clean our room from the dust, we think that we have to do it mostly because it looks better that way. Actually, it is proven that when the room we are staying in is dusty, this predispose us to more allergies and even respiratory issue. That is why sometimes it is even more essential to keep our home dust-free than we think it might be.
First of all, it is important to know that cleaning with commercial dusting sprays might not be the best choice, because often they actually put unhealthy toxins in the air because of all the chemicals they are made of. For that reason, you can actually prepare your own dust spray and it is quite easy one: just mix three cups of water, one cup of white vinegar, and half of teaspoon of olive oil. If you try this mix, you will realize how much better your furniture look like now.
Another thing you need to be careful with are your rugs. When you sweep them, you need to go outside instead of doing it right into your home because this will only results in spreading around the dust. Instead, go outside and either sweep it there or beat it against an exterior wall.
Also, make sure to wash your bedding once every week. This is important because as we all know, our body is shedding skin cells all the time and this means that every night when we go to bed many of those cells are right into our sheets. Thus, we are practically creating even more dust issues. Simply wash your bedding every week and make sure to wash them into warm water for best cleaning results.
And last but not least, if you have carpeted flooring into your home, you probably make sure to vacuum at least once a week. But what many people do not know is that the vacuum needs a little more than just a good suction or otherwise said, make sure to buy a vacuum with an agitator. Thus, you will literally sweep the carpet and all of its dust, instead of just spreading around the dust in the atmosphere.


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