How to save the electricity charge on your hot tub?

| September 2, 2013 | 0 Comments

When deciding to put a hot tub inside your home you surely know that except being a cozy and relaxing place where you can enjoy yourself after a long day at work, it is also a costly luxury. However there is a way to pay less every month; here are some tips:

– If you have a night-rate metre, then it is best to program your hot-tub heat cycles for the evening hours;
– Look through the device manual so that to check whether it has an ‘economy’ or ‘stand-by’ mode;
– Make some good insulation below the hot tub by putting a layer of froth-board cover;
– If possible, position your hot tub or spa to the south introduction of your home so that you will get a natural way to keep temperatures high.

Last but not least, use your spa as often as you can, especially when you have a cold or experience the first symptoms of flu; after all it is much better to use your wonderful investment than to waste money on medicines if you could go without them.


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