Ideas for Basement Rooms

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Once dull and cold, basement rooms are no longer a dungeon, rather a nice place for rest.

First and foremost, you can turn your basement room into a nice cabinet or study for each and every one of your family. It could be a colourful or green-painted room according to the intentions you have for using it. If it is a large space it could even be your party room, then fancy colours and minimalistic modern furniture are more than welcomed. If it is a small cozy place, green is the right colour so that to turn it into a relaxation room with no TV but full of books and soothing music; a couch or two and a rocking chair would do a nice job.

Secondly, whatever the usage of the place, it is best if you choose some wood panelling and as few unnecessary adornments as possible. You can even turn it into your main or additional bedroom with creative bed designs; why not utilize some old but valuable night-tables by refreshing them and putting them to your bed side.

Last but not least, think of opening a place for a window if there isn’t any as the best room for work or relax always has some fresh air coming in. After designing a beautiful window, light up the place with a chandelier or a lamp and you are done. Your basement room is ready to welcome you afresh.

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