Ideas for Lighting Arrangements at Your Home

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Lighting is not only a basic need for human beings but it also can be so many more things, like a way of decoration, a way of seeing the room, increasing comfort. The types of lighting are the two well-known: natural lighting which is the sunlight and artificial light sources which are namely all kinds of lamps and a lighting fixture.

The artificial lighting we will be talking about has also several types, or more precisely – three. The first one of them is the general lighting, also called a main light. The reason is that this kind of light is usually used simply to illuminate the whole room. In most cases the homeowner puts this type of lighting in the center of the ceiling so that the light is equal throughout the room.

The second type is the accent lighting. This kind is a more specific one which main idea is not simple to illuminate but to create accent on different spots of the room by creating shadow effects. One way is to use smaller lamps put on the wall, with direction to the spot you would like to be accentuated. If you have beautiful expensive pieces of art, using a light to put an accent on the painting or so is a great idea. Another way to make your home unique is illuminating the most beautiful plants you have.

The third type – task lighting – is almost the same as idea as the accent lighting. The only difference is that task lighting is used to illuminate solely a particular object, like a painting, a desk, a bookshelf, etc. This is the reason why the name is the way it is – its task is to illuminate this important object of yours.

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