Jars could surprise you with their variety of uses

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Except for preserving food jars could be used in a variety of ways that one may find useful and amusing.

A jar full of lemonade
First, you can personalize each jar with some fresh –looking ribbon that represents the character of every single of your guests. After cooling the jars properly you could serve home-made lemonade with a lemon slice and a straw stick in a colour matching the ribbon.


A pencil holder
A quick and useful option is to paint your jar in a nice colour that will match all the pencils, scissors or brushes inside. Furthermore, you could greet the upcoming winter season by knitting a warm sweater or vest for your jar. If you need a vase for autumn flowers, why not place a square piece of wood obliquely and attach a nice-looking jar to it?!


Hanging lanterns

As glass jars are transparent they are perfect for lanterns. Find some twine, large candles in bright colours and wrap the jar with the piece of twine; you could hang your perfect autumn lantern anywhere you like – on your threshold, on the porch, the balcony or just above the table in the garden.


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