Modern bedroom with minimalist design

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Choosing the perfect bedroom design is very difficult and at the same time it is very important task. Minimalist style is not very popular for the bedroom interior, but here is one bedroom that is as cozy and relaxing as a such in classic or vintage style. The room has white and violet color theme. This makes the place really fresh, airy and light. White simple bed with violet bed spread fits into the idea for minimalist design. The wall shelves  in the same color theme are with unusual shape. They have rotating elements and combine very well with the white wardrobe. Have a look at the photos below and get inspired how to decorate your bedroom!

Modern-bedroom-design-with-original-wall-shelves-5-554x395 Modern-bedroom-design-with-original-wall-shelves-6-554x508 Modern-bedroom-design-with-original-wall-shelves-7-554x395 Modern-bedroom-design-with-original-wall-shelves-1-554x403 Modern-bedroom-design-with-original-wall-shelves-3-554x395 Modern-bedroom-design-with-original-wall-shelves-2-554x394 Modern-bedroom-design-with-original-wall-shelves-4-554x390

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