Painting kitchen cabinets – Advantages and Disadvantages

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Painting kitchen cabinets – Over the years of operation under the influence of moisture, dirt and cooking fat and repeatedly opening and closing kitchen cabinets are acquire forbidding appearance, while being maintained integrity and functionality. kitchen is a room where the temperature and humidity often change abruptly significant values, which further accelerates the aging process of kitchen furniture. By painting can be easily and quickly created a new and modern look of the old kitchen cabinets.

Not all cases, however, subject to paint – laminated chipboard cabinets have as good adhesion to the paint. The painting is worth far less than the overall renewal of the cabinets in the kitchen, without even taking into account the cost of installation.

Another cheap option to update the old kitchen is replacing only kitchen cupboard door fronts and drawers that will be affected in detail in a separate topic. Before proceeding to the painting kitchen cabinets need some preparation. Previously removed the handles, hinges and the rest of the collapsible hinges being removed doors on the cabinets.

After having removed all the doors of the kitchen, they are laid down and dye while in a horizontal position in order to prevent flowing the paint over the surface, and drying out and drop wise. It is better to prime the surface for better adhesion of the paint. If the kitchen cabinets were already painted it for repainting can not use a primer, but if you will be painted natural wood surface application of primer is strongly recommended.  kind of primer required depends on the type of paint – must be one and the same basis. Best results when painting kitchen cabinets is achieved using a gun or brush a thin coat. The application of several thin layers of paint is better than one thick layer. Wait for complete drying of the paint before any painting kitchen cabinets.

When choosing a paint color for kitchen cabinets is best to comply with the color of the walls and the rest of the decor in the kitchen. Similarity in color is considered easier and engaging the eye compared with dramatically contrasting colors. That’s all about painting kitchen cabinets

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