Personalization through reclaimed Patchwork Wood Block Floor

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Sooner or later in life people understand that luxury does not lie in purchasing expensive but harmful-to-the-environment products. Rather style is a state of mind and lifestyle, which includes living with simple and recycled materials. Such is the case with your floor covering. You would add personal touch to your house or apartment and feel satisfied that you have fulfilled your duty of a human being by using reclaimed wood blockс for your floor cover.


For instance, one Japanese firm used reclaimed materials from the wooden ceiling of an old house and made new patchwork wood block floor that was even unvarnished; what better choice than that for each and every eco house nowadays. We, people, have gone so far away from nature, however, the good thing is that most of us are already beginning to realize that and are trying to return to our mother that nurtures us throughout our lives.


After all, it is always better to have reclaimed wooden floor that gives warmth and personal touch to a place than purchase mass-produced carpets or laminated floor covering. The story of the Japanese firm continues; they have removed the ordinary ceiling of the house and left it bare so that the concrete base came out; the effect was amazing; the atmosphere of that home was a mixture of industrial modernism due to the concrete ceiling with coziness and unique appeal thanks to the reclaimed patchwork wood block floor covering.


Another advantage of having a reclaimed floor covering is that as the wood blocks are already used materials and they are not equal in size; they don’t even fit perfectly together; your patchwork floor is unique for your house only; no one else has such a floor. Besides if you yourself assemble the flooring then you add your own personal touch and interweave your positive energy into your living area. All you have to do, though, is to sand the blocks a bit so that to create a relatively flat surface as not to, say, injure your feet or scratch your shoes while walking.


All in all, the plus side is obvious – your reclaimed patchwork wood block floor is perfectly soundproof, it is very resistant and durable. After all, as the Japanese firm states, destruction turned into construction.

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