Redesigning your front door

| September 4, 2013 | 0 Comments

Front doors need change once in a while both because they wear out and because you grew accustomed to and tired of them.

The first and most helpful idea is to put a new cover of paint in entirely different colour than the one before; in this way your whole house or apartment would gain some pretty new looks.

Second, if you want to achieve a truly extreme effect and have the money for that, it is wise to displace the whole front-door set. Choose one that looks the direct contrary of yours; for instance, if you had a windowless door, pick out an entryway that has a glass board. If yours was a metal front door, opt for a solid wooden one.

Last but not least, add simple accessories that will lighten up the whole appearance of your door. Hang a nice wreath on the doorway (change it every season or in accordance with the upcoming holiday), add a wind ring or patio lights; chose a matching-style doormat and simple number decals; why not some metal door knocker or numbers even?

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