Small house in the garden

| February 25, 2014 | 0 Comments

Have you dreamed of a garden house, where your guests can stay over or where you can get away for few hours? Then you will definitely like Derek Diedricksen’s project. It is called Relax Shacks. This tiny house is perfect choice for a small garden or back yard. It covers an area of only 24 sq feet. The lovely house is made of up cycled materials. What is more this can be your DIY project, as Relax Shacks come with an instruction book. At the price of 200 dollars you can show off at your guests that you build yourself a whole house. The place has a see-through roof, a heater on vegetable oil and a bed. Adorable, ah?


relax-shacks-1-554x368 relax-shacks-3-554x369

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