To Have Great Sanding Wood Floors

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Sanding the floors is used for one very important reason and that is to make the surface really smooth and ready to be painted. The sand works sowell, because it is proven that when one rubs something rough on a surface, the surface becomes smoother if it is done well.Just for example, that is why there are body scrubs in the cosmetics departments as well. In fact, when a wooden floor is being sanded, the surface becomes really great looking and shining. Because the floor is usually a very wide area, people are not doing it by hand, but instead are using a special machine. After the sanding is done, the floorbecome ready to be painted and not only, but the smoothing of the surface also helps for the wood to absorb the base coat when painted.

sanding wood floors diy

sanding wood floors dry

We will tell you a little about what some of the most important steps of the sanding process include. Of course, first of all, all the furniture and things should be taken out of the room-to-be-sanded. This is because nothing, and we mean nothing, will remain c12lean and usable if you leave it in the room uncovered. Sometimes, it is difficult to reach some places of the room, like the corners for example, but it needs to be done, because the sanding of the floor should not be done electorally. Additionally, of course a high-quality of a sander should be used for the best results. An advice to follow is to get the job done with a sander which can glide and sweep over the floor with some soothing circular motions, such as a machine completed with a coarse 36 grit. Afterwards, the grits change of course for the different outcomes you need, but this is just to get you started with the process and to have an idea what will be done to your floor when you decide to get it sanded.

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