Wine barrels for home décor

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Plenty of thrilling home projects use wine barrels though those storage pots are not the first element that you would consider useful in your home décor; still you would be surprised how versatile indeed they are.


It is a great idea to incorporate wine barrels into furniture design; in this way the supporting base will become much stronger and a lot more durable; let alone how stunningly beautiful your kitchen décor will be.


Another great idea is to cut wine barrels in half and use them as night stands or coffee tables. Moreover, once the cutting is on, you could transform your wine barrel into a nice little garden; make sure that you will be able to form three separate levels and shape them up with additional wood planks; then you could plant just about any kind of flower that you believe would be appropriate for your house décor.


If you wish to further develop the design of your room, you could cut just a portion of your old wine barrel and use it as a frame of your big oval mirror. This irregular look would be unique and attractive for each and every visitor to your house.


In case you have a large beer barrel you could turn it into a sleeping bed for you and your partner; you just need to clean it thoroughly, buy the necessary mattress and design some wooden leather that will allow you to climb inside your barrel.


Your pet could benefit greatly from a smaller wine barrel since it is perfect for turning it into their small kennel with a soft cushion inside. On top you may as well plant some flowers so that to form one cozy little house.


Last but not least, it is quite nice to turn your old wine barrel into an ice chest in which you could store bottles of various wine types for your family and guests to enjoy in sensible amounts.

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